SAFHHF 6 point Full Brim Safeco hardhat



 Poly Propylene shell

6 point headgear suspension system makes for unrivalled protection and comfort

LDPE 2-part headgear with 2 stage height adjustment and a Tricot cushion sweatband

6 pin low slung buckle fastening system with adjustment from 500mm to 640mm

Central raised channel with auxiliary channels run over the top of the cap providing superior vertical rigidity and impact resistance

A gutter to divert water around the cap shell away from the neck and off the peak. It also provides lateral rigidity

Side slots for a wide variety of accessory attachments

Flat front panel allows for embossing, stickers or lamp brackets

40mm peak provides shade as well as facial protection from falling objects

3 lugs allow for the attachment of 2 & 3 point chinstraps

Technical specifications:

One size fits all: 50cm – 64cm

340g assembled weight

6 point suspension

6 pin low slung buckle adjustment 500mm to 640mm

Full Brim

40mm Peaked brim that runs around the shell, providing shade and water diversion and facial protection

Accessory slots

2 lugs for chinstraps

Materials: PP Shell, LDPE 2-part liner and Tricot cushion sweatband

Shell colours: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Royal Blue, Grey.

Lining colour: Natural