3M 8835 FFP3 Disposable Respirator

Code: 3M-M-8835

This 3M 8835 Disposable Respirator provides wearers with effective protection against exposure to dust particles as well as non-volatile liquid particles.
Its soft inner face seal provides exceptional comfort and is easy to clean if required for more than one shift. Featuring 4-point adjustable headbands, this 3M 8835 respirator is very versatile for use across many differing face shapes and provides comfort to the face, head and neck.
Tested and CE approved to EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standards, 3M’s 8835 is FFP3 classified and features the Cool Flow™ exhalation valve which provides improved comfort in humid or hot environments or where work is very physical.


Features & Benefits

Tough shell and cup design for secure feel and multi-shift capability
3M Advanced Electret Filter Material offers effective filtration with low breathing resistance
FFP3 easy identification with red colour-coded valve print